Friday, 1 May 2015

Tim Miller is coming

My teacher Tim Miller is coming to London for his second trip.  He is a teacher not to be missed. There are few others alive with his depth of knowledge and experience about ashtanga yoga.  He teaches with kindness and integrity and he is an integral part of why I love Ashtanga so much. He carries the torch of this practice and truly shines a light into the darkness. He will be at Triyoga Soho for a weekend of workshops beginning Friday 24 July. Book a place on one of them and deepen your understanding of this practice.

Friday, 12 December 2014

And finally….

After more than a year I am very happy to report that I will be starting a new Mysore program in one month.  It will be in North London in the late morning. 9:30-11:30am.  I know that doesn't work for most of you Easties, but I thought I would let you know anyway.  The new website is underway at I hope to see some of you there by chance one day!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

It's been a long time

Almost a year exactly.  For me this year has flown so quickly by.  Being a parent in North London feels like a-totally-nother world. I've seen a few of you at Hamish's or Sharath's, and a few at Triyoga (I've been teaching led classes in the evening there), but I haven't seen any of you enough. Well, I am thinking of you and sending love.

I am very happy to announce that our Ben Lawley will be teaching the Mysore program at a brand new studio that's just opened up in Tufnell Park.  It's called Down To Earth.  I will be practicing there early morning and teaching the beginner's course as well as a yin course on Sunday evenings.  Hope to see you there!

And our Susan will be taking over the Mysore Program at Yoga Place soon!!  Very happy for both of them.

Also Eddie Stern, the senior teacher in New York City, is coming to London for his first teaching trip.

Do not miss this chance to commune with this pillar of the Ashtanga community. There are only a handful of teachers who were part of this early wave with Guruji. When the opportunities arises to spend time with these people, do it.  Our time is finite, and exposure to devotion and experience can be life changing.

Cary xxx 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

S.N. Goenka 1924-2013

S.N. Goenka was responsible for the setting up and proliferation of the teaching of Vipassana meditation in 10 day, silent retreats that were funded by donation only. He dedicated his life to this with integrity never once putting his face or his name to this practice of liberation, allowing his students unencumbered access to its purity. He taught from love, because Vipassana had given him healing, peace and happiness and he wanted others to have that too.
I myself have sat and served 10 times and have encouraged everyone who would listen to do so as well. Many people have and I have seen in my lifetime the truth of what Goenka used to always say, "The hour of Vipassana has struck!"
At the end of the retreats when he would be giving thanks to his teachers, he would ask with a warm smile that we remember him too in this way when we practice. Let's dedicate our practice to him today and remember all the profound change for the better he helped bring into our lives. If you have yet to spend your holiday time sitting for 10 days in silence, please do check out for more information and for your ticket to real peace, real happiness.
Sadhu sadhu sadhu

Monday, 3 June 2013

The Godfather of Ashtanga

Tim Miller is coming to London.  He will be at Triyoga  for 3 days, 5-7 July.

The reason Tim is so special can not be described with words by me.  I'm not the one to do that.

What I can say is that Tim inspires devotion.  Not for him, or for Guruji, or for the practice, but inner devotion.  Devotion as an emotion that stands alone and radiates through the heart and mind, illuminating and elevating this human experience, forging tenderness.

I can also say that it is sometimes difficult to act and to seize upon an opportunity when it is presented.  The tendency is to think that another chance will come some other time.

We have this life.  We have the things that come on to our path.  Friends, the door is open and the light is shining in.  Walk through.  Book the whole weekend with Tim.  It will be money well spent.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

End of classes at Body Studio

With some sadness I have decided to stop teaching the Mysore programme at Body Studio. Our last class there was on Friday and we had an opportunity to practise together. At the moment I do not have any plans to continue teaching Mysore style morning classes, but will update everyone when things do develop further.

Thank you all for your support and friendship. I will be continuing my asana practise with Hamish and Anna at Astanga Yoga London in Euston and hope our paths will cross again.

With love,

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Easter holidays, class times and cover

We will be taking a short holiday from Good Friday (29/3) to Easter Monday (1/4) inclusive. Have a good rest.

Classes resume on Tuesday (2/4) at 6-9am, and Susan will be covering for the rest of the week. SuYen will be in Suffolk on a spring meditation retreat, back on the following Monday (8/4).